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People come to see a coach typically to get something they don’t yet have. They want a change. If the athlete is looking for a change, it’s important to analyze the impact of the change before starting to work on it. And not only by the coach. Is the change he’s looking for good for him? […]

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Mechanics of Fear

Fear comes in many different forms. Fear of failing, fear of losing. Fear of injury, fear of embarrassment. Hesitation is a mild reaction that can be between you and the podium. Sometimes fear can be a good boost to motivation. Quite often fear has significant impact on the athlete’s performance. I wonder if it would made sense […]

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What do you want?

Leading by questions: “What do you want (in your sport)?” This is a simple, yet important question. Don’t let the simplicity fool you, as many athletes could do better in this – at least in certain situations. Let’s see! When asked “what do you want”, here’s an example what a golf player might give as an […]

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