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A small thinking exercise.

  1. We both know that there are numerous times in your life where you’ve been super excited and full of joy. Now, just pick and choose one of those events for further examination. It doesn’t matter why you were excited and happy.
  2. You are going to the movies to see a special movie. They are going to show this event that you just chose from your past. You will see the exact same scene as filmed by an outsider. I wonder what you will look like from a big giant screen?
  3. Now start looking the scene repeatedly on a loop from the big movie screen. See what it looks like when the person is extremely excited and happy. What’s the smile like? Notice the gestures the person has that really exemplifies the feelings. And, as we are in a big movie theatre, all sounds you hear are much much louder!
  4. As you continue to watch the scene, suddenly you notice that you are floating in the air towards the screen. And somehow, you get sucked into the movie  – and you become that person.  Now. You put on the person like a coat. Feel and experience everything as the other person felt. Now see the scene through your own eyes even brighter than before and even more colorful than before. While you make the picture bigger, you notice how your feeling starts to grow and intensify. Now relive that good moment again, put on some more volume and notice how fast your feelings have already changed.


Repeat this any time you want a better feeling.


This exercise took about ten seconds, even less. How did it affect you?

You can always change the feelings from step 1.  (excitement and happiness) into anything that would be beneficial for you. Here are some ideas:


What kind of feelings would be the most beneficial for you during a competition or a race? Before the game starts, before the last 18th hole putt, while preparing for your record event, while being ready to take the stage in front of a big audience…

Pick the best ones and start the movie!


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